The company’s history starts in 2006 in Russia, when it gathered highly professional specialists from Russia, USA, Taiwan, etc to create an absolutely revolutionizing technology to help people lead a healthier lifestyle – express nitrate testing technology.

Currently, the company operates global market through the exclusive distributors existing in over 20 countries and services customers in all the world.

Our unique testing devices combine innovative food, water and radiation testing technology with the latest in scientific research and stunning contemporary designs. Our technology received international and national patents, certificates and awards for the brilliant contribution in development of the innovative technology.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of food, water and radiation testing equipment, the team behind Anmez are committed to delivering safe and effective devices that have garnered the trust of many individuals and businesses worldwide.

At Anmez we continuously strive to evolve and pursue the latest in research and technology in order to support health conscious individuals lead a healthier 21st Century lifestyle. Our unique range of products includes the original Greentest 1 and Greentest 2 Nitrate Detector, Greentest 3 Nitrate and Water Hardness Detector and the Greentest ECO 4 and ECO 5 Nitrate and Radiation Detector. Our devices are designed to give you direct control of your health from the palm of your hand.