Company «ANMEZ» represents a unique innovative device GREENTEST to determine the quality of vegetables and fruits and GREENTEST ECO to determine the quality of vegetables and fruits and radiation.

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GREENTEST Eco determines the amount of nitrates in vegetables and fruits using a rapid analysis in just 3 seconds, determines radiation in 10 seconds and gives us the answer to the actual question: “It this product harmful for my health or not?”. It is absolutely essential device for the modern man, who cares about his health and the health of their children. The device is equipped with a database of 60 most common fruits and vegetables, and is calibrated on the basis of more than 1000 research in leading laboratories using spectrometric equipment. Touch control, an intuitive interface, modern design, small size and weight, which include fast and accurate analysis, make it a pleasant and convenient in daily use across all age categories of consumers.

just three seconds

for result of nitrates

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smart design

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The probe

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